For over 40 years, Montgomery Stire Partners has been an integral part of the marketing and advertising community in New Orleans and southeastern United States. We love our work. It shows in the ways we work together with our clients.

To describe Montgomery Stire Partners you only need to look at the company’s name. Th word “Partners” says it all. We’re partners with each other in every sense of the word and, most importantly, we’re partners with our clients. That means we involve our clients/partners in every step of the marketing process.

We use our invaluable knowledge of marketing and combine it with our client/partner’s invaluable knowledge of their product or service. This happy marriage of mutual respect and sharing ends in dynamic marketing and increased profits for our client/partners.

Innovative Concepts

At Montgomery Stire Partners, we have a new way of thinking about marketing. We think that the most precious commodity we have to sell today is our fundamental understanding of our client/partners target market and who motivates that target market.

With tremendous explosion in the internet, social media, cable TV, and specialty magazines, advertising is now geared to the individual. Therefor, the customer controls what he or she wants today…not the client. And the customer dictates the message…not the advertising agency.

Through tracking software and database marketing, we’re now able to know exactly what your target market wants and we design your advertising around these wants. But best of all is the end result: through a smart integrated marketing communications mix, we’re able to increase your exposure by up to 30% without increasing your marketing budget by one single penny.

Return on Investment

Accountability is the secret ingredient at Montgomery Stire Partners. Because we actually consider our client/partner’s marketing dollar as an investment, we encourage our clients to ask tough return-on-investment questions about their advertising dollars.

And, since we’re partners with our clients, we’re as concerned about the bottom line as they are and want to see increased profits for everyone. We think through every step that it takes to make a sale, and try and control any element of marketing that could have an impact on your profitability. Accountability and the bottom line, those are what tell us how our ideas are working for you.